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?Don’t Mess With Me!

One of our neighbors up on Oahu Rd .






Sorry I am a little late with the update, however, I want to emphasize how terribly dry and dangerous the weather has been and is.? Please take notice of the fact that the Sherriff’s Office has placed Park County under a Stage II Fire Ban.? I understand that this afternoon, a fire started on Trout Creek Pass, but this is a Trout Creek Pass in Douglas County, so if you hear this fire mentioned it is not near the Ranch.??I suggest you look at www.inciweb.org for more information on wildfires.

Please be sure to look at the Ranch Manager’s page for more info.?? Also, if you are a hiker or are interested in the activities of the RORA Hiker’s Club, be sure and take a look at the Hiker’s page.



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