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Hi All, Sorry for the delay, however, I felt it was important to provide accurate information, regarding the Board of County Commissioner’s decision regarding the application of PM et al, LLC for various Park Co marijuana licenses.??Below are the conclusions and order for denial?of the?licenses,?resolved?by the Commissioners:

1.??? Based on the evidence adduced at the public hearing the Board concludes?? that there is
sufficient evidence to allow it to conclude that the reasonable requirements of the neighborhood
are not met by existing retail marijuana establishments. There are no licensed marijuana
establishments in the designated neighborhood.

2. The Board concludes, however, that there was persuasive evidence that the desires of the adult
inhabitants of the neighborhood oppose issuance of the license. All of the petition signatures were
against the issuance of the licenses.

3.???????? Moreover, all the testimony from persons in interest at the public? hearing,
i.e. persons residing in the designated neighborhood, opposed the issuance of the licenses. Even if
the Board were to discount these signatures and testimony, the Applicant failed to present any
evidence that the desires of the adult inhabitants of the neighborhood favor issuance of the
licenses. Under these circumstances the Board must conclude that the requirements for the issuance
of a retail marijuana cultivation facility and retail marijuana infused products manufacturing
licenses for this location have not been met. Ordinance No. 16-01 ? 7(h).
Based on the Findings and Conclusions set forth above, the application for retail marijuana
cultivation facility? and? retail? marijuana? infused? products? manufacturing
licenses is DENIED.

In addition to this information, I would like to post a link to some information on the upcoming Ranch Christmas Party:





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