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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Hi Folks, I apologize for being late with the post, but have had a very busy few weeks and I am behind on everything. The last couple of days have made me begin to believe we may have a winter after all.? As I am typing this it is eight degrees Fahrenheit outside and still very dry for this time of year, so be extremely careful with fire and be sure to check for a fire ban

"Tis the Season"
“Tis the Season”

on www.parkco.us before you do any burning outdoors.


Another thing to be very careful about is disposing of ashes from your fireplace or wood-burning stoves. We have had occasions in the past where our compactor has been set on fire, outdoor fires have been started and in-house fires have been started, right here on the Ranch because folks have failed to take the necessary precautions with their ashes.? I strongly suggest, when it is time to?dispose?of the?ashes, transfer them to a metal container and wet them down. Keep the metal container outside your home and away from any combustibles until the refuse is hauled away. DO NOT place any other combustibles in the metal container. DO NOT use a combustible container.

Nice November Morning

For the folks who don?t live here full time, be sure you properly winterize your property before leaving for long periods, and especially shut off the power to your well pump. At least if the power to the pump is shut off, you won?t come back to a flooded home or ice falls coming down the side of your building.

Hope everyone had an nice Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you at the Christmas party the 10th of December.

Tom Wells
Tom Wells


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