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Updates on the 5th and 20th

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Happy New Year folks , As we start off this year living up here and owning property here at Ranch of the Rockies where the views are spectacular the wild life is abundant and not to mention, smack dab in the middle of access to fishing hunting and just about any other recreational type of activity you can imagine. I can see the growth in population as we have had a lot of home building going on and several folks are building garages and sheds Please be aware that all of these require a Architectural Sign off you can pick one up at the Office or download it from the website. It must approved by the Architectural Committee Volunteers approved by the Board of Directors. These folks have been asked to review the drawings and check the status of compliance with the color scheme, size and roofing material not to mention the outside lighting. Thanks Guys for stepping up.

Park County has adopted some new rules for Camping on vacant lots and I would recommend that if this applies to you that it is researched before the next camping season gets here. As for leaving Campers on Vacant lots past October, please understand that the Ranch of the Rockies is enforcing this stronger than before and it now has fines applied to the violators after three letters of violations have been sent.

Volunteers Needed, for the Picnic committee, Niki Griffin is heading up the committee and she needs your help. There is a lot planned for the next Annual Meeting, which is August 12th 2017.

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Winter is upon Ranch of the Rockies and there is a lot of concern with Road Conditions and snow Plowing if you are having trouble with the road you live on please do two things, Call Road and Bridge 719-836-4277 and also let me know as well. I have a list of roads that will be brought up at the next board meeting, with pictures of the damaged portions, and we will see what can get done. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I hope that everybody is doing well and that you all have a Prosperous New Year.

John Adams, Ranch Mgr







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