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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Please excuse me, John’s post should have been posted on the fifth, it is my fault that it is late.  Tom Wells

March 5th Input 2017

It’s hard to believe that March is already upon us and believe it or not this is one month that can produce a lot more snow. We have had a great winter so far with the snow accumulation and I would like to see more.
Burn Pit: As most of you know it was started last month and we are in good shape for opening it on time in April, so please check your calendars for Wednesdays and Saturdays and Please volunteer for one of them. My Calendar is wide open right now for April May and June.
Reservoir: It is still frozen over and is closed
Pastures: We are on the last month for the Winter pasture and with any luck we will be moving the Horses over to Pasture “C” alongside the Pavilion.
June 3rd & 4th the Horse club is going to have an Sponsor an event with Equine Trails Sports Both the Arena and Pavilion have been reserved for that weekend. There will be Flyers posted and it is open to the Public.
Annual Picnic: As most of you know there is a lot of planning for an event like this and the Picnic Committee is looking for volunteers there will be some changes this year and if you would like to be a part of it Please volunteer. Contact Nikki Griffin griffin0998@gmail.com 316-312-5766
Open Tops: When are the Open Top dumpsters going to be here? I get this question a lot this time of year, and as it looks, it is going to be in May.
Folks spring is just around the corner and some of you will be wanting to do some building or putting a shed on your property Please check with Park County as the new building codes are in place. Some of you already have sheds on Vacant lots and the code enforcement officers of Park County are out taking inventory. Please Remember that you cannot have structures on a vacant lot, until you have a primary Residence and then you can have two accessory buildings.






John Adams, Ranch Manager


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