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Updates on the 5th and 20th

RORA from AnteroView of the Ranch from Antero


Another few weeks of March weather here on the Ranch. We experienced temperatures from single digits at night to sixties during the days, however, the outstanding feature was the wind. Gust of more than fifty miles per hour managed to remove a pretty good portion of the roof from the horse shed, knock over trees and move a substantial amount of dust and debris around the Ranch. I guess that?s ?Springtime in the Rockies?!

Upcoming ? The board has selected a contractor to do the work on the water supply for the Ranch Office and house. We will be meeting with them next week to put together a work plan and final contract. You should see activity on the project in the very near future.
Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events for events such as the planned rummage sale and chile cook-off.

Website ? With the exception of a few little problems with access and passwords, things have gone quite well with the transition from the old site to the new site. Please feel free to pass along any constructive comments, or ideas you might have for the site and ways we might improve it.

Dues ? It is that time of year again. By now everyone should have received their statement, as all were mailed early in January. In the event you have not gotten yours yet, I would suggest that you email the bookkeeper at rorahoa@ghvalley.net or send a snail-mail to the office at RORA, 492 Ranch Rd, Hartsel, CO 80449 and request a new invoice. If your mailing address or contact information has changed, please notify us, as that is the only means we have to get your billing to you timely and if you have not paid your dues by March 31, 2012 (only ten more days), there will be a late fee assessed as stated in the Policies and Procedures.

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