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Updates on the 5th and the 20th

Oh, Hallelujah! By the time this article is posted on the website…Spring will have sprung.  Well, at least it will be be the first day of spring.  There is no denying that we are all tired of this cold, damp, winter. And we all know that this time of year our cars become a variety of shades of brown. And we can’t hike the roads unless we go out early in the morning before the thaw sets in. However, all of this is simply a prelude to a lush and rich-in-color summer. The grass will be greener and taller. The flowers will be more prolific, growing crazy and wild with ample moisture. The Denver weather folks are reporting that with just a couple more heavy, wet snow falls in April the entire state will will be out free from drought for at least a while.

Burn Pit Volunteers: It is also a time for clean up and clear out.  Thankfully, the Burn Pit is available this year for all the downed trees and slash that have piled up on our lots the past 24 months. However, you should know that we cannot open the pit without a healthy group of volunteers. This means full-timers and part-timers are needed. Since we all enjoy the wonderful summer weather, it is unreasonable to think that one person will take all the Wednesdays and one all the Saturdays. If we can open the pit May through October, that is only 27 Wednesdays and 26 Saturdays. Roughly, 10 people could cover this service and only commit to one day a month. Please call or email John at Ranch of the Rockies now to be one of those generous folks who can give 5-6 mornings over six months to lend a hand. (719) 836-2079 or rorahoa@ghvalley.net

Recently, there has been much concern raised on the Ranch of the Rockies Next Door, Facebook, and Forum sites regarding the roads, both plowing and deep mud puddles (lakes). While the comments are helpful to encourage us to avoid particularly bad spots and intersections, Ranch members must know and understand that Ranch of the Rockies HOA does NOT have or own the responsibility for road maintenance. We cannot plow the roads, repair the roads with gravel, pave the roads, or even melt the culverts. We live on county roads and Park County Road and Bridge Division has the authority and responsibility to care for our roads. It is one of the things your tax dollars support. I have been told that 1.57% of the county’s budget is allotted to Road and Bridge. If that seems insufficient, you may certainly contact the county commissioners and express your concern. You can find the Road and Bridge Fund 11 allocation for 2019 on page 90 of 95 pages on the following Park County Budget site.




Please do not call the office or John Adams, Ranch Manager, to complain about the roads and tell him that the HOA needs to do something about it. He has been asked to direct you to Road and Bridge. (719) 836-4277. Before you call, consider the terrific job they have done this winter under adverse conditions. Consider thanking them for their service at the beginning of your call, not the end. Consider that while we think Ranch of the Rockies roads are special…we live in the largest county in Colorado and we are special…just like everyone else.

Finally, before we know it summer will be here and we will be preparing for our annual meeting, August 10, 2019, the second Saturday of the month. One of the items of business at that meeting will be to elect one position on the Board. In other years, we elect two positions. If you are interested in serving on the Board and can commit the second Saturday of each month to our meetings, please contact the Ranch by phone or email with your interest. (719) 836-2079 or rorahoa@ghvalley.net You must be a member in good standing. This means you own property, dues are paid, and you have no outstanding violations or fees. You must notify us and provide a brief paragraph explaining why you are interested and qualified by June 8 to have a space on the ballot.

Have a wonderful vernal equinox, March 20, 3:58 MDT, and enjoy the rites of spring!

Dennis Ann Strong, Board President

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