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Updates on the 5th and the 20th

Wow! We went from extreme fire danger to a good snowfall.  This is why we love Colorado and live in the mountains

Hey!  It’s November and all the campers and cargo trailers have to be off vacant/unimproved lots. And, NO, a shed does not enable you to leave your trailer on your lot…only a home qualifies. If you have not been by the RV Storage and the office to renew your storage contract, I would recommend you get your camper in there very soon. It is almost full, and I will be closing it for winter when it fills up. The combination lock to the storage area will change this coming weekend, November 10. Additionally, trailers left on unimproved lots after October 31, are subject to fines as clarified in our Policies and Procedures manual posted on the website.

Park Site C ( Dog Park)  Is closed for winter as well as the RV Dump station, and the Pavilion, The Reservoir remains closed. 

Winter is here folks, and I do hope that everyone, even if you do not live up here, has taken the time to go over your vehicles and make sure you are ready to be stranded or broken down somewhere.  Judging by the tracks that show people sliding off the road makes this a good time to get that done.

Reservoir work: The work at the reservoir that was required to provide accurate measurements and inflow to the reservoir has been completed.  We still have some work on the creek to perform, but we have to wait on other agencies and late spring  to respond.

Mice and other rodents: I have noticed that critters are getting out of the cold and seeking residence in the office. This is especially true since the snow fell. I have been using Ridex, the Noise Machines, and dryer sheets in the cracks. Also, I have found that Fresh Cab really slows them down.  I would like to hear other remedies that have worked for you!!!

Here at the Ranch, we are getting ready for the Christmas Party in December. The party will be Saturday, December 7th at 1 pm. It will be at the same venue as last year; the fire station at Campfire and Ranch roads. See you there and watch for more information next month.

Have a safe and happy month. And, there will be more snow arriving.





John Adams

Ranch Manager

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