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January 5th. 2020

Here we go starting a New Year and a new decade. I hope that everyone had a great holiday season.  My wife and I took a vacation to Washington state where we were able to meet up with family and friends for Christmas. We had a great time.

Now, back to work on the Ranch and catching up on some old business like campers on lots. Here’s the deal.  Due to the amount of snow, I recommend that you just pay the fine, and leave it on your lot. That is totally your choice. Getting into the RV Storage lot will require getting it plowed out, and then trying to find a spot not buried in snow to park it.  November 1st remains the deadline. Make sure you plan ahead next year, and get it moved off before the snow moves in.

Snow packed roads are just one of the crazy things we deal with up here on the Ranch. It seems that once people get off the highway, they think that this is a dirt track racing club. The speeds going by the Ranch office are amazing. Please slowdown when coming by the Ranch Office which tends to be a more heavily traveled area. And for your own safety, know that all of our snow packed dirt roads require slower speeds and more caution in the winter.

Have you paid your dues yet? Yes, it’s that time of year. If you have not received an invoice from the Ranch of the Rockies by January 10, please check your mailing address with the bookkeeper, Carole Smith. Leave a message on the ranch office phone and she will get back with you. (719) 836-2079.

January 2020 has started out really cold. Already two mornings, we marked the record coldest area in the USA at Antero Reservoir with -48 degrees  At the Ranch office, it was -30 degrees. Pretty darn cold. I had several calls about vehicles that would not start even after they plugged in the block heater.  Check with your local mechanic on how you can help prevent that from happening to you.

Ice fishing at Antero Reservoir and 11 mile Reservoir has slowed down just a bit, but the Ice is pretty good. 12 Inches at Antero and 10 Inches at 11mile. Still, use extreme caution when headed there.

Enjoy the New Year and stick to your goals.





John Adams

Ranch Manager

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