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Updates on the 5th and the 20th


Well, it’s springtime in the Rockies, and here we sit quarantined with a “Stay at Home Order” in place. Here at Ranch of the Rockies we have been practicing social distancing to the max. Only one visitor at a time is allowed in the office and only for Ranch business.

The bears are awake, and I have seen my first hummingbird while walking to the office. One even visited my ball cap. I have also noticed all the smaller creatures like the ground squirrels and Picky Pins starting to emerge from the winter.  With that in mind, also be aware of the big critters since they might have their new babies with them. Remember they are wildlife, and we should not interfere with nature.

Just a reminder, that the April Board meeting has been canceled and will meet in  May if possible.

The Burn Pit and the RV dump station will open when the stay At Home Order is lifted.

The reservoir is still frozen and closed until the water quality can be assured.

I am opening Park Site “C” (Dog Park).  Please use it responsibly. Only one person there at a time.

Horses will be moved to the summer pasture when we can turn the water on at the Pavilion.

I truly hope that everyone is doing well with this Covid 19 Virus.  We are all anxious to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. I heard that puzzle construction and fly tying are great hobbies, and are becoming more popular.

Hang in there folks, and pray that this all passes so we can get on with our lives.





John Adams

Ranch Manager

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