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Hey folks,

               Here we are in February. This year has been a fairly mild winter all things considered. I know there have been complaints about the snow, but we still haven’t gotten enough to burn the burn pit yet. I know speculators have said the opposite, but they do not take on the responsibility for burning down the ranch. Wind has been our biggest issue this year.  Wind accompanied by extreme droughts from the summer. The few times we have had enough fallen snow this year, it has blown away before it was calm enough to light the pit. The coals will usually burn for about two months. This means it’ll be some time before it gets opened. Believe it or not, historically, some of our deepest snows have come in March and April, so there is still a chance this winter. The pit lighting has always been done by Hartsel Fire. It is going to stay that way. If the fire department does not think it is safe we will not light the pit and it will remain closed in 2021. Hope everyone is having a safe and happy New Year! As always best wishes





Josh Ezell

Ranch Manager

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