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Updates on the 5th and the 20th


Folks we are in July, and we all know what that means. Election time is here once again. This year the ballot box is in the office as always. I have ballots here for you to fill out or you can bring the ballot from your quarterly newsletters and drop them in the box. Looks like August 14th will be your deadline this year. We have four great candidates running so do your best to get to know them all between now and then. I am sure any one of them will do a great job.

On a different note, you guys are doing great with fire mitigation this year. The burn pit is in full swing and has been terribly busy. I still do not thing we are quite on track to beat last year’s pile, but we may be close. With every load we take away a small bit of danger. To the point of mitigation our Firewise signs have been installed. When you guys come into the Ranch from either location look towards the mailbox clusters. There is a sign at both spots proudly displaying how hard you all have worked. Also, Park County just completed spraying our road ditches. It is one more small step towards our total mitigation of the ranch. Thank you all for your continued dedication to our fire mitigation.

To volunteer at the burn pit call 719-836-2079 and we’ll get you scheduled for a day. The hours are Wednesday and Sunday 9a.m – 1p.m. As always best wishes





Josh Ezell

Ranch Manager

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