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Home, Home on the Ranch (submitted by Secretary, Dennis Ann Strong)

Where the deer and the antelope…and all the other critters… play. 

I write this article to say thank you to so many who helped us “play” at our annual meeting and picnic on August 14, 2021.  I want you to know some of the wonderful folks who volunteered their time and efforts to ensure that the event was perfect.

Since we needed to elect two new directors to the board, we needed a vote counting committee.  This task was organized by Cedra Kuehn, our Bookkeeper. She worked for many hours prior to the weekend to develop spreadsheets to make sure we would count each vote. Thankfully, Cedra was assisted by Mary Plumb who has served three years on this committee, and knew how to accurately and expeditiously get the counting done. Finally, on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, Cedra and Mary were joined by Darla Kohring and Roy Wall to check each ballot for validity, log each vote by lot number and owner, and tally the results. We needed to have 145 valid ballots turned in for a quorum, and our count far exceeded that number.

To prepare for the meeting and picnic, our Ranch Manager, Josh Ezell cut the grass around the Pavillion, and made certain the restrooms were clean and well stocked. With volunteer helpers including Margaret Purnell, Josh put up shade tents for workers, brought in serving tables, and set up the sound system which worked flawlessly.  Assisted by Dan Kuehn, they cleaned and repaired many of the picnic tables that had weathered. Thankfully, we did not have to pull the canvas side flaps down. We learned just the week before that if the swallows were still nesting in the soffits, we could not disturb the nests. Sure enough, the swallows still had chicks in their nests. Rest assured, the swallows also let us know they were not happy about our being at the Pavilion. 

As each family came to the meeting, we had to make sure they were registered. While Cedra also organized this table area, she couldn’t have done it without the help of Chad and Jessie Stedman, and Kathie Bandy. They signed in folks, collected ballots, gave out raffle tickets and name tags, and sold Ranch of the Rockies hats and maps.

To prepare our lunch, we must thank our grill chefs, Rob Cleve and Skip Penhall, assisted by Lorena and Ethel. These folks tended the coals and cooked throughout the meeting to provide plenty of hamburgers and hotdogs which were served up by Sharon Stitch and Delores Cole.

As I watched the morning progress, I was amazed by how many folks gathered, both old and new members. However, when there was something that needed to be done, folks were quick to pitch in and lend assistance. This was particularly evident with the cleanup. Since the board had to go into another meeting, I am not able to name all the helpers who volunteered time after lunch for cleanup. I do know that it included the Kuehn’s and Penhall’s, and a small army by how quickly things were put back to normal.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank all of you in our wonderful community who attended and worked together to make this a special day. We could not do this each year without your hundreds of volunteer hours and helping hands. While we are all blessed to be able to live here, we are especially blessed by your generous willingness to help.

Thank you!








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