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Updates on the 5th and the 20th

August 20, 2018

From Your Member-at-Large, Gary Woirhaye… Remember to mark your calendars for the RORA Annual Owners Meeting & Picnic on August 11th.  We are once again hosting the Ice Cream Social on Friday, August 10th.  If you would like to volunteer for either event, please give me a call at 720-545-7246 or contact John Adams at the Ranch office. Habitat for Humanity will be on site to collect any usable, unwanted household articles that can be put to good use.  The Agenda for the meeting is below.  If you wish to address the Board at the beginning of the meeting, please be sure tosign up before the meeting begins at Carole’s sign in table. You will be allowed 3 minutes for the topic or question you have.

Ranch of the Rockies

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

August 11, 2018

9:00 am Registration and sign up to speak

9:30 Call to Order and welcome by President Ron Rose

  • Review Agenda
  • Approval of minutes of July 14, 2018 Board meeting

9:35 Recognition/Presentation of Members/Guests

  • Introduction and presentations of 2018 Board candidates
  • Member open mic, limit of 3 minutes or less per speaker. Members must sign up at Registration desk.

10:15 Committee Reports and Board Annual Reports

  • Architectural Committee: Harald Schmid
  • Rules Enforcement Committee: Darla Kohring
  • Treasurer’s Report, Dave Loring
  • Vice President’s Report, Tom Wells
  • Secretary’s Report, Dennis Ann Strong
  • Member At Large, Gary Woirhaye

10:45 President’s Report, Ron Rose

  • Closing of the ballots

10:50 Ranch Manager’s Report, John Adams

11:00 Recess Meeting: Count Ballots and Introduction of Special Guests      

  • Motion to recess
  • Board Executive Session to ratify votes

11:45    Reconvene Meeting

  • Motion to reconvene
  • Announce election results: Secretary

11 :55 Adjournment






Gary Woirhaye

Member at Large

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