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CALL FOR RORA BOARD NOMINEES                                                                             

Two members (Suzan Gebow and Jeff Deardorff) of our Board of Directors will have completed their respective 3-year terms as of the date of our Annual Meeting and Picnic on August 12th, 2017.  Accordingly, your Board of Directors is seeking qualified nominees for these positions in advance so they may be elected by Association members at that Annual Meeting.  Officers of the board are then elected by the other board members at the Annual Meeting, or a special meeting as well.

Nominees must be members ?in good standing? of the Ranch of the Rockies Homeowners Association and need not be full-time residents. This means you must have signed the Ranch?s Declarations, are current with your annual association dues, and not in violation of the Association?s Policies and Procedures.  These documents may all be found on the Ranch?s Website. The board meets on the second Saturday of each month, and members are expected to attend each meeting barring any unseen or extraordinary circumstances.

Burn Pit 2017

If you are interested in providing community leadership as a board member, please contact any member of the board, and be prepared to provide a short (no more than a page) biographical sketch indicating why you are interested in becoming a board member, along with any relevant experience or qualifications that would make you a good candidate. All, or a portion of your biographical sketch will then be sent to the membership, in the summer newsletter, prior to the Annual Meeting.  All nominees will be invited to address the membership at the Annual Meeting if they so desire prior to the election.

So, if you have strong feelings about the issues that the board will address in the coming year, or if you just feel it?s time for you to get to know your neighbors better and become more involved with the affairs of the Ranch of the Rockies, please be sure to let any board member know.





Jeff Deardorff, Vice President

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