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Howdy all, I’m Gary Woirhaye one of your new board members.     

“Member at Large” is what they call me, I’ll do the best that I can for you all.    

 With Winter fast approaching I look back on how the Summer was, we had a lot of company at the house in July. We lost our Granddaughter, Benni, to an accident at the end of June and all our family came out to support us. One night we got to telling stories about each other and here’s one them;

A few years back my wife Valerie and I owned a couple of horses and Val and I would love going on weekly trail rides. One day after work, Val and I were up on the deck having a glass of wine and a cold beer, I told her I was going out to the barn to check the horse’s water, it was one hot July afternoon. When I got out to the barn I saw the horses drank the majority of their water and their tank was dirty, I dumped the water out and put a little more water back in so I could scrub it out. The ground was muddy from the spilt water but I didn’t mind, I grabbed the scrub brush bent over and started cleaning the tank, I started slipping a bit in the mud so I reached up and grabbed the cattle panel to steady myself, well I grabbed to high on the fence and the top wire which was an electric fence, the pulse gauge was turned all up all the way.  There was no pulse to it, straight 50,000 volts ran through my body all at once.

If you know how power works it makes your muscles contract, making my hands grip the wire with all my strength. What seemed to be hours of flopping around like a fish out of water, every muscle in my body aching like I just ran a marathon, the wire broke. I laid there upside down in the water tank, with my hat shoved down over my head and eyes, and somewhere between grabbing the wire and going upside down in the water tank, I must have wet my pants.

I got myself up out of the water tank and just filled it with water. As I came around the corner of the “barn Val looked at me and said “What happened to you?”,  I looked up at her as she sipped her wine and answered, “ I don’t want to talk about it!” My right butt cheek twitched for three days following. The moral to the story…Pay attention to what you’re doing.

 Back to this Winter, it looks like the Christmas Party this year will be December 9th, 2 pm. at  the fire station just like last year. More information will be post as time goes on. Any help I can get would be deeply appreciated.

Here’s my email if you would like to help out.  gary.woirhaye@gmail.com and my phone number is     
720-545-7246. Please leave me a message and I’ll get back with ya.




Gary D. Woirhaye

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