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Updates on the 5th and 20th

September 5th Managers Input

Howdy folks, the summer seemed to go by very fast and here we are in Fall. The leafs are changing rapidly and the fall colors are really lighting up the mountain sides.  A lot has happened this summer and some pretty extraordinary events as well like the Reservoir, The flooding of the burn scar has taken its toll on Buffalo Creek Reservoir and it will be closed until further notice. The Burn pit has been Closed all summer and folks have had to use other means of fire mitigations Thank you for not giving up.

The Ranch Office has installed new Cameras and a new gate to access to the trash compactor. This was done to record the time you access the compactor and who it was therefore allowing us to catch the culprits that are leaving items that do not belong in there like the motor oil and construction debris that has caused some problems with the compactor breakdowns . 

Open top Dumpsters were a huge success and there was only a few items that found their way into them at night. Like a computer and some tires.

Recycling trailers are just one of the things the Board of directors provide to the members in good standing the biggest change with those is we DO NOT allow Plastic Bags, Tarps or Bubble Wrap any longer those items have to be disposed of in the regular house hold garbage . For those of you that wish to recycle Glass please take it to the recycling center in Buena Vista by the Airport.

As you come up to visit or if you live here now is the time to get out and observe the fall colors take some pictures and enjoy the great outdoors.

Welcome the new Board Members Niki Griffin and Mark Wefler, Thank you for donating your time to serve on the Board. I look forward to working with you during your time.





John Adams

Ranch Manager

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