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Updates On The Fifth

Good Day to All,

As summer fast approaches and the last of the late spring snows are past (hopefully) I wanted to take a moment to update all Ranch members on several items.   First and most importantly, we are beginning to see the return of a lot of our great Ranch members.   Welcome Back!

  • Mailboxes – Well, the first promised delivery date has come and past.   However, we do have confirmation that they will be delivered on the 8th of this month (and this year).   Once they are delivered Larry will make it his number one priority to get them installed.  Once installed, we then need the post office to come out to install the locks and then distribute the new keys.  I will keep you posted on this as it moves forward.   Please check this site regularly for updates.
  • With the approaching of our Annual Meeting, we still need folks to volunteer to run for the one open seat on the board.   As of now, we have had no one sign up.   Please, think this over and submit your desire to run to the ranch email rorahoa@ghvalley.net.   With your email, please give a short bio of your background and your desire to serve this great community.  The last day we can accept applicants is June 29th.  This will give us time to get the ballot ready and distributed in the newsletter in July.  The ballot will also be available on the website.
  • Rules Enforcement – we are still looking for additional volunteers to serve on this committee.  If interested, please submit your interest via email to the ranch email address.    I know Skip would appreciate the help.
  • Reservoir – the first stocking of the reservoir has taken place this past week.  Please remember that to fish there, you need to stop by the office and get a permit from Larry (Ranch Manager)
  • New website – Wow just wow!   If you have not seen the new web site for the ranch.  Please go check it out.  It is truly amazing.   A huge thank you to Jeff and Taylor for making this happen.
  • We have our next Board Meeting this coming Saturday, June 11th  at the Ranch Office.  It will be available via zoom as well.   I encourage each of you to attend as many important items will be discussed.

I appreciate each and everyone of you and thank you all for the support and help given to myself and the board.  Not a day goes by that I don’t witness kind acts of service be given to others around the Ranch.  I personally thank all of our great volunteers that give so selflessly of their time and talent. The Ranch is a great place to live and to call home.

I would also be remiss if I did not thank and express my love to my dearest wife.  Today we celebrate 46 years together and each year just gets better.   She is my rock, my strength and the reason I exist.   I love you Cindy!



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