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Well, everyone knows the member-at-large must put together the annual picnic and that person can’t do it all by themselves. I have asked for volunteers to help me and have a couple of people that have taken on that task, but it takes more than that to do all that needs to be done.

If you would like to be involved, please contact me either by phone or email (contact info below) and/or come to this meeting. 

I would like to have a meeting of all volunteers, on Sunday, 12 June at 3pm at the office and maybe move to the pavilion if needed, according to how many shows up.

I have had this position before on the board and a lot of members have been willing to help put this and the Christmas party together. We will need setup people, maybe cooks, servers, some to help with check in and sign up and voting and take down/cleanup people. Also, if anyone wants to perform music after the meeting part during lunch and after I would welcome you to contact me so we can get it in the notice.

Others and I can get officials to come to talk to the membership about different topics. We could also have business’s set up booths, for a small charge maybe, I haven’t done that part before so need assistance with this.

On another subject our weather seems to be progressing on schedule, lots of animals moving about so beware of them and our summer people are returning so more traffic. Enjoy this year ahead of us and be safe and sane.

Darryl Atherton

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